Agriculture in the district is predominantly on small- holder basis and therefore subsistence with an average farm size of 1.8 hectares The main system of farming is the traditional system of slash and burn with the use of hoe and cutlass. There is little mechanized farming.

Both crop production and livestock are on small scale

Major food crops are maize, cassava, yam, plantain, legumes and vegetables. Poultry farming is practiced on a small scale while fishing is done mainly in the Afram River at Kotoso, Hyewohoden, Sempoa and Asempaneye.


The low lying plains along the Afram River have fertile soil which can be irrigated for large scale cultivation of vegetables, legumes and fruits like water melon and tomotoes which are currently thriving well in the district.


The area along the Afram River offers great potential for the establishment of fish farms.  Tilapia and other fish stocks on high demand on the market currently could be ventured into by investors.

    Atadwe in Ghana has its traditional base in Aduamoa a town in Kwahu East. Though the crop has a very Nutritional value commercial value commercial value is yet to be exploited. Atadwe is eaten raw by many especially its aphrodisiac efficacy. It can be processed into the following:
  1. Alcoholic beverage
  2. Vegetable oil
  3. Pastries
  4. Pomade
  5. Milk

There is the need for a large scale production and packaging to meet the export market. private investment is therefore highly anticipated.


The district has a huge potential for poultry production in the areas of

Egg production

Broiler production


Feed milling

Meat processing and handling


The environment provides potential for dairy cattle production.