Immigration Service Department

The Ghana Immigration Service was established in the Kwahu East District in May 2019 with its maiden office located on the premises of Kwahu District Assembly. The Abetifi Command works in tandem with various institutions and organizations such as Presbyterian University College Of Ghana, Atlas Volunteers(NGO) to regulate and monitor the influx of foreigners in the Kwahu East District. The command also liaises with Sister Security Agencies to maintain/enforce Law and Order in the District as part of the Service’s strategic objectives.


The Ghana Immigration Service is established under the Immigration Service act,2016 (Act 908), which repealed the Immigration Service act,1989 (PNDCL 226). The Ghana Immigration Service Act, 2000 (Act 573) and its attendant legislation (L.I.1691) provides the Framework that guides operations of the Service. These include the regulation and monitoring of the entry and exit of all the travelers as well as the residence and employment of foreigners and other related matters. The operation of the GIS is also

governed by a number of domestic legal instrument as well as international conventions, protocols, directives and accords which Ghana has ratified. The Service also patrols the borders of the country and supports the National Security Systems.


Delivering excellence in Security and Migration management for National Development.


To build a stronger and better Ghana by operating fair and but firm Immigration work Systems that meet the social and economic needs of the Country.


Friendship with Vigilance


The GIS operates with two main strategic objectives to achieve its Visionꓽ

  1. Manage migration in the National Interest byꓽ
  2. Promoting migration that contribute to the economic, social and developmental interest of Ghana;
  3. Facilitating the border crossings of legitimate travelers at authorized routes; and
  4. Combating irregular migration by detecting, preventing and deterring border crossings at unauthorized routes.
  1. Contribute to National security byꓽ
  2. Tackling immigration related crimes;
  3. Collaborating with National Security, Intelligence and other Agencies;
  4. Cooperating with international stakeholders to improve the quality of operations; and
  1. Detecting and preventing threats at the country borders.

Some other functions of the Service includesꓽ

  • Subject to existing laws, examine travel documents of persons entering or leaving the country through the borders;
  • Ensure the application and enforcement of laws relating to the Immigration and employment of non- Ghanaians in the country.
  • Through the Comptroller – General or the duly authorized representative of the Comptroller- General, issue Visas for entry into the country and permits for residence or work in the country.